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A town car is like a smaller version of a multi-purpose van. It is slightly bigger than a sedan and therefore has more seating capacity. People generally prefer the use of a town car for family outings, friendly trips, and even corporate travels. Town cars can hold a heavier set of baggage without straining too much. Town cars may be put on sale or for rent. Town car service has long since gained fame in terms of rental especially for special occasions. Usually, they are rented for transportation of guests from one place to another or the carrying of luggage for the trip.

When looking for a town car service for any specific purpose, clients should be critical of the model of the vehicle. There are models that may not be as modern and therefore may not be as sturdy as most new cars. Also, the following concerns must be addressed well enough by the rental company:

• Do you get chauffeur services? If so, are they giving it out for free or for additional charges? Some rental companies offer chauffeur services along with the vehicle. But while this may be welcome especially for clients who do not want to have driving as one of their worries, they should also be careful in asking if the fees are likely to change. To avoid overcharges, the clients should be able to ask if the fee for the driver would be accumulative or a one-time payment.
• Up to where would the town cars be legal to navigate? There are certain places in which a particular registered vehicle would not be allowed because of ending plates. So before booking, the clients must look at registration details to avoid a run-on with the laws of many different cities.
• Do you get insurance should any untoward incident happen involving the town car? While the car’s status would be more of a concern to the rental company, the clients should also be mindful to ask if they would also get retribution should the car breaks down and injures them in some way. While this may sound preemptive, prevention is definitely better than cure especially if the latter involves tricky contract clauses and insurance policies.
• How are you going to pay for the rental service? The concern over payment schemes is a good place to start the discussion of the rental. While most rental companies want half the payment before loaning the car, it is important to bargain. After all, you would not want to be paying so much for something you have not even used. Offer the rental company your own scheme and see if they would approve. That way, you get what you want without impairing their business operations.

While a town car service is less popular than a sedan rental, most people prefer it due to the luxury of space that the vehicle gives. Even for a small-party trip, the town car is just as efficient. But always remember to learn how to make the most out of your rental for your money’s worth.


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